Dan MacLachlan

Singer of Songs

From Flint to Chicago and small towns in between, Dan MacLachlan has provided his fans with songs that seem to be coming from another place in time. With his first studio album released a few summers ago, Dan MacLachlan has come full circle in a journey that gives us new tunes with a classic sound.

MacLachlan started his journey in a small Midwestern town south of the fallen metropolis of Flint, MI. Growing up he had a knack for good music and an ear for guitar melodies. His music is inspired by artists like Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Paul Simon and is a reflection of a time when music was pure and powerful. Bar rooms across the northern Midwest who have had the opportunity to host MacLachlan know he can get patrons up out of their seats with songs that simply move people.

With the strum of his guitar and the ringing of the harmonica, this one man band can bring the whole place alive with the perfect blend of classic covers and foot stompin’ originals.

The new CD Songs  From The Porch is now available on Itunes and Amazon.  Please check it out! More details about upcoming shows and the new album coming soon.  

With shows throughout mid-Michigan and Chicago, you too have the opportunity to hear the man for yourself. Stay tuned toDanMacLachlan.com for more information on upcoming shows, and be sure to check out the last two albums yourself – both available on iTunes and Amazon.


Photographer: Andy Case

Glenn Brown Studios, East Lansing, MI